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Welcome to JAM Corporation

JAM Corporation is your single source for Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Systems in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. We are experts in assessing your risks of fire and providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to assure the safety of your buildings, equipment, furniture–and most importantly, your people..

When it comes to Fire Protection Technology Systems, Fire Protection Systems, and Fire Alarm Systems for Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas, JAM Corporation is an industry leader in sales and installation for fire alarm systems and other low-voltage systems such as Public Address, Intercommunications Systems, CCTV, Data Networks, Intrusion Detection Systems, Access Control and Master Clock Systems.

Since its inception in 1993, JAM Corporation has installed complex Fire Protection Systems and Fire Alarm Systems in commercial and industrial facilities located in LA County and the surrounding areas, including: primary, secondary, higher education and vocational institutions; hospitals, commercial high-rise buildings; healthcare facilities, governmental and military installations and well as industrial structures.



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