Public Address Systems

Public Address Systems

JAM Corporation is one of the most reputable providers and installers of Public Address Systems in Southern California. We offer an array of P.A. Systems that are field tested and proven to provide the clearest and most effective auditory communication available on the market.

We can help you get maximum clarity and usability out of your Public Address System. Whether you want to use it for routine announcements, emergency notification, or for broadcasting play-by-play in a sports stadium, we are here to assist you.

What is a Public Address System?

A Public Address System is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system comprised of a microphone, amplifier and loudspeaker used by an individual to address a large group of people. They are commonly used at public meetings, gatherings in large open areas and to broadcast messages during emergency situations.

Before you start selecting microphones, amplifiers and speakers, always remember that a good, reliable and effective Public Address system consists of more than just equipment.

Contact us for the clearest and most effective Public Address System!

Looking for the most reliable and effective Public Address System? JAM Corporation is a leading provider and installer in Southern California providing an unbeatable combination of quality auditory and unique P.A. Systems along with the personnel to design, install and service them.

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