Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection System



Intrusion detection systems are designed detect unwanted entry into specific areas or throughout a protected premises.  At JAM Corporation we employ the right detection technology for your business.  Using the right technology ensures that only genuine alarms are detected. Our intrusion systems are an ideal fit for commercial, industrial and educational installations where a flexible, yet easy to use, system is essential.

Intrusion systems consist of several layers of detection including motion sensors at entry points, perimeter and interior areas, door and window contact switches, glass break sensors and panic or duress buttons.  Every system we provide has the ability to be integrated into one system to take care of all of your security needs.

Every system we install can be monitored at our central station facility.  Our monitoring station uses state-of-the-art technology and has backup generators in the event of a power loss and is also backed up by another monitoring facility.

JAM Corporation has installed intrusion detection systems on educational campuses, corporate environments, state and local government buildings, hospitality and healthcare facilities. Our staff can help design a system to meet your site specific needs to protect the people and things you value most.


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