Master Clock System

Master Clock System



In this competitive corporate environment every successful organization knows the significance of time, as time once lost can never be regained. Keeping track time is one of a company‚Äôs primary considerations.  Consequently clocks are a basic need of any organization, large or small.

JAM Corporation is a leading seller and installer of Master Clock Systems and other various types of building security and safety products. Our Master Clock Systems cover a diverse range of products and specialized needs as demanded by our customers who expect high quality, accuracy and cost effective pricing.

Master Clock Systems

Master Clock Systems are an ideal solution for a wide range of facility management applications where precise and synchronized time is necessary. A Master Clock System contains one Master Clock and a number of slave clocks which are synchronized with the Master Clock, thereby keeping all slave clocks displaying the identical time. The Master Clock continually sends the correct time to all the slave clocks to keep them consistently accurate. Master Clock Systems are typically used by establishments and institutions such as broadcast radio, telecoms and network systems, aerospace and defense facilities, academic institutions, emergency operations and call centers, health-care facilities and transportation systems such as trains and subways.

The source of accurate time for the Master Clock is supplied by a satellite in geosynchronous orbit around the earth.

Wired/Wireless Master Clock Systems

Whether you are looking for Wired or Wireless Master Clock Systems JAM Corporation has a variety of wired and wireless systems to choose from.

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